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!* Learnix *!*

We have now CLOSED. Thanks for all the fish.
This page remains for Historical purpose.

This service aims to provide access to a *nix machine, primarily to those individuals who want to know what a "shell" (and SSH) is.

Scroll down to the "Contact" section in case you need some help. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TERMS and CONDITIONS: 1.) You are NOT allowed to misuse this service in any way. 2.) You are responsible for your own actions. 3.) NO GUARANTEE, whatsoever, is provided. 4.) The decision(s) of the admin(s) is FINAL and BINDING. 5.) Using this service implies that you have understood and agree to these TERMS and CONDITIONS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Attribute VPS Shell Server

Maximum Account 48 Hours 15 days
Inactivity Duration

Maximum simultaneous 3 15
user handling capacity

(Inconvenience is regretted)

Username No Yes

Passwords 2: 1:
non-root non-root

Your I.P. Yes Yes

What you should provide:
Two passwords, and your I.P. address.
1.) The first password will be used for your regular user account, using which you'll be connecting to the root-enabled VPS shell.
2.) The second password shall be your root password.
3.) The I.P. to verify requests, and to allow network access (incase of bans, etc.)

What you should receive:

1.) A username.
2.) The SSH port number.
3.) The server location:


For Access:

1.) Users must declare a valid reason, with high credibility.
2.) Users MUST provide the time frame they desire.

If you exceed this time frame, you will be cut off from the service without prior notice.
You can request the admin(s) for an extension, if so required and justifiable.

3.) Users must provide their I.P. Address, failing which they shall NOT be admitted.


You are NOT allowed to change any of the passwords once assigned. Doing so shall get you disconnected and/or banned.

The I.P. provided must NOT belong to a proxy service or a VPN;
Any other service which may be deemed as "anonymizing", or that may obsure the user's location;
And/or may hinder any legal process/action against the user, if so found guilty, shall NOT be allowed;


Any ACTION that the admin(s) consider as a threat to the service and to smooth functioning of the same by a user,
viz. restricting access to the admin(s), running illegitimate processes, excessive use of resources and the like,
will lead to service discontinuation without notice nor warning.


Machine CPU RAM HDD Network Status

Shell Service (FreeBSD) 1 1024MB 16GB 240Kbit/s Offline
FreeBSD 1 512MB 2GB 240Kbit/s Offline
Debian 1 4096MB 8GB 240Kbit/s Offline
CentOS 1 512MB 8GB 240Kbit/s Offline
Arch - - - - Install Pending
NixOS - - - - Install Pending

[Other distributions (and TurnKey templates) available ONLY on request with a waiting period of ATLEAST 3 days]
[You can request software to be installed on the Shell Server. For Root VPS', well... you can do so yourself.
Software installation may take as long as 12 hours after the request is approved.]

[Limits can be upgraded on request and with reason]


/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ***** IT is the responsibility of the USER to inform the admin before/after each login/logout. ***** ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
What we are AREN'T:
1.) We are NOT a persistent online shell. Instead user accounts are usually of a single instance. You may request for another (renewal), as and when you need one.
2.) Neither are we an IRC Bouncer service. This is deduced from the above. Please do not request accounts for such a reason.
This also means that game-server hosting won't quite work well (Although you can certainly learn to install/set one up.)

3.) a.] We are NOT against pentesting/load testing (or anything related, which may be regarded as hostile), as such.
If you feel like pentensting/load testing the server, please do inform the admin(s) before doing so; Else necessary action SHALL be taken.

This is in accordance with our "learning" policy.
You are, however, requested to return your results (both negative and/or positive).

It is YOUR responsibility to adhere to the rules regarding such acts. If in doubt, DO NOT DO it!

b.] We aren't going to provide you the network resources required to carry off that fancy malicious intention in your mind, so don't bother asking about/trying it.

What WE DO encourage is that you utilize the available "local" resources such as RAM and CPU, Disc Space, instead.
If you require to do some "EXTERNAL" networking, please try and keep it short (downloading, etc.).
You can even ask for another account so that you can work inside the "local" network. [Special Cases ONLY]

4.) We aren't a bunch of egoistic control freaks, but please DO try and clear off any doubts regarding actions that may be considered as against the ToS [see above].

5.) We do love and adore honesty, so being transparent will certainly help your case.

6.) We are quite liberal. We can provide you with a maximum of 3 root accounts at any given time, so don't feel shy to ask. You still do need a good reason for asking, though.
The same goes for all the other limits too (time, CPU, etc, etc...)


It is ASSUMED that you have read AND UNDERSTOOD all of the content mentioned above.


Cleaning Up:
Please do not forget to leave your feedback after you're done using the service.
Let us know about what we can improve on, and what we should do away with.

We are providing this service in good faith, knowing fully well the hard work, time, risk and troubles involved;
Please try and use it for good.


Contact the admin(s) for more info [In preferred order]:
For any shell related query or help, please feel free to ask in any of the IRC channels (listed below).
We will try our best to help you out.
#nixtuts also conducts Linux Tutorial classes every now and then. Request wei2912 if you need one.

Please choose your Machine and keep 2 SECURE passwords ready while APPLYING:

Skype Status: devdams
Skype (devdams)


III.) IRC: Ask for dams or wei2912 in these channels :
#medical @ TDDIRC Network
#shells @ TDDIRC Network
#nixtuts @ TDDIRC Network

Depreciated: {Learnix @ GitHub}


~ Weirdest usage of the service (till date): @mikroskeem for running an ub3r c00l fork bomb. Now, we've got a better limits.conf!
~ We've now expanded to include TurnKey templates. So, if you want to know how Apache is used, or whether that node.js app of your's works, feel free to drop by.
~ Change of service! We now offer ALL Root Accounts!


Learnix will FINALLY have a serious revamp.
We'll be moving onto a
mature project, which will specifically be more inclusive of "learning" than this simplistic one.

Coding has started in Scala. Expected delivery: 2015

The concept points are over here:
Suggestions are most welcome.

The present learnix system will be kept running till the new one takes effect.


Machines Matter

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